Testimonial & FAQ

Great Job!

“Thanks Jil for all your help with our new house. You guys did a great job with everything.  The back yard looks great-a lot different from what we started with"

- Hummelstown, PA

Prompt Service!

"Thank you for your prompt service. Your service tech was great. I really appreciate it.”

- Halifax, PA

Satisfied Customers!

Thanks Jil, It turned out Great!  -Couldn’t have done it without your help.  1st time in 35 years I can access that part of the property.”

- Dauphin, PA

“I honestly never remember our driveway looking so good!  Bryan did a great job!” 

- Harrisburg, PA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Why should I mulch?

A:  The most common reasons to mulch are to improve the appearance of your planting areas and to suppress weed growth.  There are additional benefits gained by mulching.  It also reduces the amount of water your plants will need because it shields the soil from the sun and evaporation of the moisture.  It keeps the soil cooler during the summer and insulates the ground during the winter which puts less stress on your plantings.  Since mulch is organic matter, as it breaks down it will improve your soil’s moisture and nutrient holding abilities.

Q:  Will dyed mulch bleed or mark concrete?

A:  Dyed mluch can bleed or mark concrete areas if left in a pile and is rained on.

Q:  How much mulch do I need?

A:  First you need to measure the square footage of your bed (s) and then decide how deep you want to apply the mulch.  One of our “scoops” will cover 100 square feet 2” thick.  To obtain your square footage multiply the length times the wide of your planting areas.  For example, if your planting bed is 8’ wide by 20’ long; your bed equals 160 square feet and would require 1.5 scoops to cover the area 2” thick with mulch.  If you have irregular shaped beds you can take the average width and length to get an estimate of your square feet.  For round beds you can take the width across the middle of the circle and multiply it by itself.  For example a round bed that measures 4’ across would be 16’ square feet.

Q:  How thick shoud I put the mulch on my planting areas?

A:  Mulch that is applied during the warm months of the year should not be more than (4) four inches deep.   Mulch that is applied in a thick layer can heat up as its decomposing and dry out.  When mulch dries out can grow fungus that will cause the mulch to adhere together and repel water from reaching your plants.  Mulching to deep can also allow the soil to remain too wet which makes your plants susceptible to root and stem rot.  Mulching done in the cold months to protect plantings from cold weather can be applied at a thickness of 4-6”.  Thick mulch should be raked down in the spring to a thickness of (4) four inches or less.

Q:  How close to my plants and trees can I place mulch?

A:  We do not recommend placing mulch directly against the base of trees or plants.  Doing this can cause crown rot.